Avinash Bartakke

Founder Director

A training & development professional, Avinash has been in the training field for the last 14 years. He is a visionary who realised the potential of Cognitive Skills Training & has been instrumental in bringing LearningRx to India. His zest for life & quest for finding his true calling has led him to discover Brain Training.

This type of training has revolutionized how the world views the brain &its; functioning. It has been an eye opener and Avinash has had the foresight to envision its potential to help people learn and perform better. Thus, NEURAL SPACETM was born.

In his own words, "It is unfair to have to go through life, not enabled or empowered to our full potential in terms of these tools. It gives me great joy to be in a position to offer the best in the world brain training procedures to enable and empower people in India to achieve their full potential.

As for children, the best gift that parents can give them is a good solid value system to hold them in good stead in the whirlwind of life and a sharp, empowered mind, enabled to its full potential.

As a trainer, I am happy that we can make a lasting impact on people's lives and contribute in our own little way to intelligent India and, especially, to people with learning challenges."

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Eileen Bartakke

Co-founder & Executive Director

Eileen is a qualified ECE teacher with experience of teaching preschoolers. Not only does she have a passion for working with kids, but she is also a freelance trainer in the field of communication skills.

Eileen is on the panel of trainers for a number of colleges & Institutions conducting workshops in business communication and soft skills development.

Having developed a passion for the scope and effectiveness of Brain Training, Eileen is now at the helm of all centre operations and CRM at NEURAL SPACETM.

Anil Chauhan

Co-founder Director
(non-executive) NEURAL SPACE TM

A professional turned entrepreneur, Anil's last stint in the corporate career after working for companies like Indiabulls and Max New York Life was with HSBC Bank, where he worked for the Wealth Management division as an Associate Vice President before stepping out as a young entrepreneur to start with German collaboration a Business School in Pune, affiliated to University of Pune, offering Post Graduate courses in Management. Anil has also successfully co-founded and established other entrepreneurial ventures spanning into Technology led Wholesale Travel Distribution and Senior Level Executive Search.

Anil holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from University of Pune and an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune

With his passion for new ideas and start-ups Anil as a Co-founder Director (non-executive) of Neural Space, lends his valuable experience of successful entrepreneurship in enhancing the distribution reach and developing the business opportunities, as an additional part time assignment.

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