As per the recent study undertaken by Carnegie Mellon Psychology Professor Marcel Just, along with research fellows Ann Meyler and Tim Keller; the reading disability in dyslexia patients is caused by partial under-activation in specific parts of the brain responsible for decoding the sounds of written language.

This area of the brain (just above the left ear) illuminates brightly on brain scans when a normal reader sounds out words. However, this area was found to be much less active in those suffering from dyslexia and other reading disorders.

Professor Marcel Just's study concluded that 100 hours of intensive cognitive skills training may help dyslexic brains rewire itself, thus overcoming reading deficits. His brain imaging study in 2008 indicated that the brains of dyslexic students and other poor readers rewired themselves to overcome reading deficits after 100 hours of intensive remedial instruction.

We at Neural Space follow the same principle with our BrainRx Cognitive Skills Test and Training to give permanent results to our patients. Professor Just, the director for Carnegie Mellon's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging discusses the importance of focused instruction such as cognitive skills training in his article published in the 7 August 2008 issue of Science Daily.

He has explained that focused instruction uses the plasticity of the brain, i.e. its ability to change in order to attain educational improvement. The brain activity patterns of two groups of children i.e. poor readers and a control group were studied. It was observed that before the intensive instruction, parietotemporal region of brain was less activated among the poor readers. However, many of the poor readers' brain areas were found to be activated at near-normal levels immediately after intensive instruction.

The same poor readers were reevaluated after a year. And it was observed that the activation differences between good and poor readers had almost disappeared! As summarized by Professor Just, "when poor readers are learning to read, a particular brain area is not performing as well as it might, and remedial instruction helps to shape that area up."

This study backs up the 20+ years of extensive research work undertaken by Dr. Ken Gibson, the founder of BrainRx. Based on his findings, Dr. Gibson has developed various cognitive skills training programs. These programs focus on utilizing brain's plasticity and rewiring the brain for better learning capability through cognitive skills therapy.

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