By visiting Neural Space's website, you have made a right decision that will change your or your loved one's entire life! Be it dyslexia or TBI rehabilitation, poor performance at school or awkward social life, our proprietary BrainRx Cognitive Skills Program is an ideal solution to all your problems.

Before we can determine the right brain training program for you or someone you love, we conduct a professional cognitive skills' assessment test at a Neural SpaceTM Brain Training Center in your vicinity. This scientifically designed test enables us to identify specific brain skills' weaknesses. These weaknesses are then targeted with a series of customised brain training exercises.

The results of our cognitive skills' assessment test also help you make informed decisions about the value of brain training for you or your loved one. (Click here to know why it is important to test individual cognitive skills.)

Neural Space'sTM Cognitive Skills TestTM is the most time and cost effective way of determining the strengths and weaknesses of your brain. As we assess every client before and after brain training, we are also able to measure and report improvements made as a result of the program.

What's more, we at Neural Space conduct these tests at a fraction of the cost of the same tests anywhere else in the country. Neural Space'sTM Cognitive Skills TestTM is the most comprehensive test available in India.

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