BrainRx's Ability To Be Fully Customized For Each Student's Needs Makes It A Truly Effective Program

Probably your child is suffering from one of the reading disorders such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or dyspraxia; and needs help with developing his/her cognitive skills.

If you are reading this, you have reached the right place. Poor cognitive skills or reading disorders need not be a permanent condition. They can be diagnosed through various memory, spelling, vision, and reading skills related tests; and the symptoms can be managed by adjusting teaching methods according to the candidate's requirements.

Is your child finding it difficult to read, write, or remember?

Does your child have behavioral problems or has low self-esteem?

Does he/she not test well academically, daydreams often, and is unable to sustain attention?

At Neural Space, our proprietary BrainRx Cognitive Skills TestTM offers a professional cognitive skills' evaluation. Our highly time- and cost-effective, and the most comprehensive test available in India; BrainRx Cognitive Skills TestTM measures all cognitive skills including attention, memory, visual and auditory processing, processing speed, and logic and reasoning.

With an efficient combination of one-on-one professional training and the state-of-the-art online training, the BrainRx brain training program creates an effective method for children and adults who want to:

Maximize their learning and reading potential customized stomized based on each candidate's needs. Master English Studies easily (Superimposed Twice)

The BrainRx procedure at Neural SpaceTM

  • The candidate is tested in order to obtain an accurate measurement of his/her current cognitive skills' levels.
  • A set of custom training goals and procedures are determined based on that individual's strengths and weaknesses.
  • The candidate is then matched to a trainer who will stay with him/her throughout the entire training schedule.
  • This personal, one-on-one relationship between the candidate and the trainer sets BrainRx programs apart from other tutoring programs.
  • The one-on-one training is supported with various powerful digital training procedures, thus adding to the effectiveness of the program and making it even more unique.
  • The candidate is tested in order to obtain an accurate measurement of his/her current cognitive skills' levels.
  • The training proceeds using both one-on-one sessions and digital online training tools.
  • Regular reviews of the candidate's progress are conducted to maintain the focus and effectiveness of the selected custom program.
  • A final test is conducted after the completion of the program. This test evaluates the effectiveness of the training and documents the skill changes in each candidate. Results are always found to be dramatic and measurable.
  • Another test is conducted after a year of the completion of the program in order to verify that the achieved development has been sustained.

BrainRx combines both personal and technical training to attain a rapid change and long-lasting development of candidates of all ages and learning levels.

BrainRx Training Programs span over a period of 12 to 24 weeks. This training is a combination of one-on-one training and digitalized activities

Who can benefit from BrainRx?

Are you a school student or a company employee? Are you a business person or a homemaker? Do you lack confidence, have behavioral problems, or have trouble concentrating? Do you feel awkward at social gatherings or are you unable to score good numbers in exams? BrainRx is the perfect solution for all your problems... It doesn't matter who you are or what you are facing. Brain training can be successfully applied to everyone:

  • Students struggling with studies, those who need to catch up with their grades
  • Students looking for an enhanced foundation in numeric and math skills
  • Preschool and first grade students wanting a successful launch into academics
  • Children or adults looking for a competitive learning or performance edge
  • Adults wanting to improve their job performance
  • People seeking enhanced reading skill and fluency
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their cognitive skills
  • Businesses or companies who want to develop the skills of their employees
  • Athletes seeking an edge in the 'mental' aspect of their game
  • Athletes wanting faster reaction time, processing speed, and memory
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) victims seeking to recover the lost mental function
  • Individuals with learning difficulties, reading problems, or slow performance
  • People who want improved memory skills
  • Senior citizens desiring to prevent age-related memory loss and mental decline
  • College students, middle & high school students, elementary school children
  • Students in transition (those moving from junior high to high school)
  • Gifted students wanting to get ahead
  • Students preparing for competitive exams like CAT, CET, AIEEE, etc.