Let's first understand the concept of cognition. Cognition is the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding it through thoughts, experiences, and the senses. Cognitive functioning refers to an individual's s aptitude to perform various mental activities related to learning and problem solving.

The ability to learn new information, remember it, express and explain it, and apply it in real life is what cognition is all about. Human beings have an innate cognitive function since birth. Our brains are capable of learning and remembering new skills; however, these capabilities may differ from person to person. Early childhood is the most ideal period to absorb and apply new information.

The three basic tasks our brain has to perform include absorbing the incoming information, preserving it in the knowledge bank, and using it whenever needed. The core skills our brain uses to pay attention, read, learn, think, understand, remember, and reason can be defined as the cognitive skills. These skills are essential for carrying out from the simplest to the most complex tasks at different points in our life. Perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, visual and sensory processing, and executive functions are the most important brain functions or cognitive skills that every human being requires and uses. Each cognitive skill plays a vital part in processing new information. If any one of them is weak, this hampers brain functions; leading to most learning struggles and attention deficit issues.

Even though cognitive skill development is determined by a child's genetic character, most cognitive skills are learned! This means, cognitive skills can be developed and improved with practice and training. Contemporary science has opened up powerful new possibilities for those who struggle to learn or want to gain a competitive edge. Poor learning and reading need not be a lifelong problem anymore.

Identifying the Causes

Each learning problem has an underlying cause. When experiencing a persistent learning or reading struggle what one sees on the surface may merely be a symptom. The causes are deeper and difficult to identify. However, through Neural Space's Cognitive Skills TestTM we help you identify and understand your learning problems and discover the root cause; weak cognitive skills.

Your performance at any new task depends on

The availability of information in your Knowledge Bank The strength and speed of your mental skills (active processing system + higher thinking).

Your smartness is determined by the combination of active processing system and higher thinking, while the data stored in your knowledge bank comprises what you know.

Higher Thinking

Mental skills used to process new information Solving a problem that is not automatically processed General thinking ability Capability to store and retain info.

Active Processing System

Always active and running Automatically handles most information absorbed Needs to be fast and efficient Processing the information that can't be automatically processed.

Knowledge Bank

Acquired information and data Differs from mental processing skills Storage grows as we age Size and use of knowledge bank depends on processing abilities.

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Before we can determine the right brain training program for you or someone you love, we conduct a professional cognitive skills' assessment test at a Neural SpaceTM Brain Training Center in your vicinity. This scientifically designed test enables us to identify specific brain skills' weaknesses. These weaknesses are then targeted with a series of customised brain training exercises.

The results of our cognitive skills' assessment test also help you make informed decisions about the value of brain training for you or your loved one. (Click here to know why it is important to test individual cognitive skills.)

Neural Space'sTM Cognitive Skills TestTM is the most time and cost effective way of determining the strengths and weaknesses of your brain. As we assess every client before and after brain training, we are also able to measure and report improvements made as a result of the program.

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